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Frequently Asked Questions
How much is school tuition?

Each class has a different cost due to the nature of the subject, if its a prep class for a designation, and the various amount of hours each lecture is prepared.

Where Can I Find your Full Summer Schedule?

You can call our office for available dates. We require a minimum number of students for each class, so dates and times, may vary. We offer evening classes for students working full time.

What can I expect from New Jersey Institute of Bookkeepers?

We want you motivated to make more money, have more freedom with your family, and have you excited about starting your own freelance business, or working for a larger company. We are available to answer all questions, even after hours and want our students to succeed and enjoy our classes. We give real life examples, not just boring textbook verbiage. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. One on one help will always be available to you.

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